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WELCOME TO Teen Age Stress Solutions - Teenage stress and depression information

  • Teenage Stress and Self Help for Anxiety and Depression
    There are many reasons for teenagers’ susceptibility to the symptoms and consequences of negative stress, anxiety and depression. One simple reason is biological – the chemical changes taking place in their bodies as a result of puberty can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. Along these same lines, their knowledge of the changes happening to them can confuse teens as they try to “find their place in the world.” Ultimately, the i Read More...
  • Alarming Truths of Teenage Stress - Facts About Stress That Every Parent Should Know
    Do teenagers react differently than adults to the physical and psychological pressures of stress and anxiety syndrome? In a word, the answer is yes – sort of. Youth gives teenagers an advantage when it comes to warding off most physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, but in an ironic twist this same youth that protects them from much of the physical harm associated with teenage stress and anxiety syndrome can magnify the psychological symptoms Read More...
  • Adult and Teenage Acne Treatment
    There are lots of myths related to adult acne/ teenage acne/ acne treatment. Here's the first one and perhaps the most popular: Acne is only a teenager’s problem. Fact: It is true that most teenagers have acne but it can also appear to people in their 30’s or 40’s. 80% of men and women with severe acne have reported that it is a carry over from their teen years. It is also true that there are some people who first develop acne as an adult. T Read More...